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July 2016

Johnny Depp Accused of Stalling Divorce with Amber Heard

Amber Heard has brought forward new allegations against Johnny Depp in the couple’s divorce proceedings. Specifically, she says that Depp is purposefully stalling the divorce process by making her sign non-disclosure agreements prior to his giving out financial information. The actress accused Depp of stalling the proceedings in new court documents filed on July 26. The filing follows a July 15 request by Depp to make their divorce process private — a request that is…

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Common Reasons for Annulment of Marriage

There are a lot of different reasons for a marriage to be annulled. This article will cover some of the situations where a New York court might agree to annul a marriage. Reasons for New York Anulment Retardation, mental illness and insanity are suitable reasons for annulment. For example, if a court sees that an individual was married while he or she was insane, retarded or mentally ill, then it would be grounds to show…

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