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November 2016

Child Abuse in New York

Every state, including New York, has a child protective services division in charge of investigating suspected instances of child abuse by a parent or guardian of a child. When this kind of suspicion arises, the first three steps of a child abuse intervention are investigation, intervention and removal. Let’s take a look at these three steps here: 1. Investigation When protective child services receives information concerning the possibility of child abuse, law enforcement agencies will…

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Three Tips for Better Co-Parenting

The aftermath of a divorce is never clean-cut, simple or easy. Everyone in the family experiences drastic changes, particularly children. One of the best ways to help children adjust is to develop a co-parenting plan. While it is a tricky dynamic to navigate and you might think it seems impossible, it can be done. Here are some core elements of such a plan that will help your co-parenting efforts succeed. 1. Communication Following the divorce,…

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