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June 2017

How Will a Restraining Order Affect My Divorce?

A divorce is stressful even under the best of circumstances. But when there has been domestic violence within the family, the affected spouse may not wait until the divorce is final. They may seek an order of protection–i.e., a restraining order–against the other spouse. When this happens, what does it mean for the divorce itself? What an Order of Protection Actually Means Not all restraining orders are the same. Depending on the facts and circumstances…

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Recognizing Domestic Violence

Domestic violence happens everyday in the Albany area. Unfortunately, we often do not see the signs that a family member, friend, or neighbor is the victim of domestic violence. Indeed, there are many victims who are not fully conscious of their own abuse. Victims frequently use denial as a coping mechanism–i.e., they try to convince themselves that the abuse is imaginary or somehow their fault. But domestic violence rarely goes away without intervention. If you…

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