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November 2017

Restraining Orders and Family Law

When domestic violence is present in a relationship, or threats of violence have been made, a restraining order may be necessary to protect all parties involved. Often, the need for a restraining order presents itself during a breakup or divorce, when tensions are at an all-time high. A restraining order, also called a protective order, can affect family law proceedings in a number of ways. This post covers how orders of protection may impact legal…

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Getting an Annulment in New York

A marriage can end one of two ways: divorce or annulment. While divorce dissolves a legal marriage, an annulment retroactively determines the marriage was void or invalid from the outset. People with religious or cultural objections to divorce may view annulment as an attractive alternative means to end their marriages. However, only in very limited circumstances will the state of New York grant an annulment. Void and Voidable Marriages If a union is bigamous/polygamous, incestuous,…

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The Pros and Cons of Co-Parenting

While marriage is supposed to be the cord linking two souls, sometimes the cord needs to be cut. It’s not uncommon to see couples, even after years of being together, decide that their relationship has deteriorated beyond repair. They decide to get a divorce, which can have some serious implications if it involves a child. The effect on children depends upon how the parents handle the divorce litigation. Given the high divorce rates in the…

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