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July 2019

Types of Divorce in NY

Types of Divorce in NY Albany NY Divorce Lawyer Law Firm

Three Types of Divorce in NY Parents contemplating divorce may have visions of contentious court appearances, stubborn spouses, and emotionally injured children. Yes, all this is possible, but none of it is inevitable. Much depends on the willingness of each party to compromise and do what’s best for the children. Therefore, New York parents thinking about getting a divorce should know that there are essentially three options available to them. 1. Mediation An alternative to…

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How to Cope With Divorce in New York

Divorce in New York How to Cope With Divorce Albany NY Lawyer

How to Tell Your Family You’re Getting a Divorce in New York Ending a marriage takes an emotional toll on spouses who must address New York divorce laws on alimony, division of marital property, and issues related to minor children. However, beyond the legal process, there is also the matter of telling your loved ones about your decision to divorce. On the one hand, you need the support of your family more than ever during…

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