Any time a child who is subject to a child custody agreement is taken across state lines, there should be judicial oversight. This means that whether you are seeking to take your child to another state or your child’s other parent is seeking to move with the child to another state, the court should be involved.

Laws such as the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA) and the Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act (PKPA) dictate how the courts must consider these cases. These laws establish various factors that determine what state an interstate child custody dispute should be heard in such as:

  • What is the child’s home state?
  • Does the child have a significant connection to the state?

We can help you take action to:

  • Keep your child in the state
  • Bring your child back to the state
  • Help you secure the court’s permission to leave the state with your child


Parental Kidnapping

Has your child been taken across state lines without your permission? Too many parents have to live through the frightening experience of having their child taken out of state without permission by the child’s other parent. We can help you take quick and effective action to ensure that your child is returned as soon as possible.

Creating Solutions To Resolve Your Interstate Child Custody Issue

At Colwell Law Group, LLC, our firm has the decades of experience and skill necessary to resolve the most challenging interstate child custody disputes. No matter which side of the equation you are on, whether your child is in New York or elsewhere, we can help you take action. Our understanding of laws such as the UCCJEA and the PKPA allow us to fight to secure the outcome you need to an interstate child custody dispute.

Our record of service is illustrated on our testimonials page.

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