Domestic Violence

Resources for Divorce in Abusive Relationships

Abuse is unfortunately all too common in marriages. According to statistics, 25% of women and 16% of men will experienced serious physical violence in an intimate relationship. Many more will suffer threats of physical violence, terrorism, and emotional abuse. If you are currently abused in your marriage, or if someone you care about is, realize that help is available. Seek an Order of Protection A protection order (also known as a “restraining order”) is a…

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How Domestic Violence Impacts Divorce

Unfortunately, domestic violence remains a serious problem in our region. According to data collected and published by the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV), state and local law enforcement officers in New York respond to more than 400,000 reports of domestic violence annually. Of course, not all of these calls are legitimate. There are also false allegations of domestic abuse. Domestic violence can have an enormous impact on your divorce case. Whether you have been…

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