Property Division

Property Distribution NY

Equitable Division of Property in a Divorce How to Divide Property Equitably—What the Court Considers Deciding what to do about the marital home is just one aspect of the bigger question of how to divide your marital property in the divorce. If you and your ex are negotiating a no-fault divorce, you can work with your respective attorneys to iron out a settlement agreement that works for both of you. If it goes to litigation,…

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Qualified Domestic Relations Order

As part of a divorce, a New York judge will need to divide the assets a couple has accumulated while married. These assets can include retirement or pension savings, even if the account is in the name of only one spouse. Because some couples amass considerable sums in a 401(k) or pension, spouses cannot overlook them when deciding which property to ask for. You will need a qualified domestic relations order (QDRO) from a judge…

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How Domestic Violence Impacts Divorce

Unfortunately, domestic violence remains a serious problem in our region. According to data collected and published by the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV), state and local law enforcement officers in New York respond to more than 400,000 reports of domestic violence annually. Of course, not all of these calls are legitimate. There are also false allegations of domestic abuse. Domestic violence can have an enormous impact on your divorce case. Whether you have been…

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