How to Deal with Abuse Allegations

Divorce can get ugly. Not only are husband and wives scrambling to obtain child custody and marital property, but many are giving vent to frustration and outright fury. As a result, many ugly allegations get made during divorce—allegations that are false but which can severely damage someone’s reputation. If you are falsely accused of being abusive, then you must immediately swing into action. Find an experienced divorce attorney and begin building a case to show…

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The 2018 Colwell Law Scholarship Winner

The 2018 Colwell Law Scholarship Winner The Colwell Law Group is pleased to announce Miss Alexandra Naughton as the winner of the The 2018 Single Parent Scholarship. We know the importance of education and are proud to offer this scholarship to someone who has shown such commitment to education. We extend to her our congratulations. Ms. Naughton has shown academic prowess, as a member of the Rotary You Club Leadership Academy, the National Honor Society,…

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How Will a Restraining Order Affect My Divorce?

A divorce is stressful even under the best of circumstances. But when there has been domestic violence within the family, the affected spouse may not wait until the divorce is final. They may seek an order of protection–i.e., a restraining order–against the other spouse. When this happens, what does it mean for the divorce itself? What an Order of Protection Actually Means Not all restraining orders are the same. Depending on the facts and circumstances…

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