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When you are involved in a child custody case, you want to do everything in your power to achieve the best possible result. The first step down the path towards that result is making sure that you have a skilled attorney, experienced in child custody matters, by your side counseling and advocating for you and your child(ren). At The Colwell Law Group, LLC, we have been representing parents in child custody matters since 2005.


Helping You Understand How Child Custody Is Determined In New York

At the core of all child custody determinations is one goal: providing the child with the arrangement that is in his or her best interest. This is not a subjective determination; it is based on a set of factors that include the following:

  • Whether there is a history of domestic violence with either parent;
  • Which parent acted as the primary caregiver for the child;
  • Each parent’s current physical and mental health state;
  • Each parent’s willingness to cooperate with the other and the court;
  • Any special needs the child has and each parent’s ability to provide for these needs;
  • Each parent’s work schedule and financial capacity to care for a child;
  • The child’s relationships with other members of each parent’s household, such as siblings and extended family; and
  • If the child is old enough to form a logical opinion about where to live, the child’s preference may be considered.

As you can see, each parent’s gender does not factor into a child’s custody determination. These factors are also used when determining a visitation schedule for a child.

Questions To Ask Your Child Custody Lawyer

During your first meeting with a child custody lawyer, ask questions that can help you determine whether the lawyer is a good fit for your case. A few questions to consider asking include:

  • What experience do you have advocating for parents with my specific circumstances? For example, same-sex parents can face certain challenges that heterosexual parents do not;
  • How should I handle false accusations from my former spouse?
  • How do you mediate conflicts between parents?
  • What challenges have you faced in previous child custody cases and how did you overcome them?
  • How can I modify my child custody order if I am not satisfied with the court’s ruling?

Your lawyer should be able to answer these questions with concrete examples from previous cases. Express your goals, such as a 50/50 parenting time split or sole residential custody of your child. Your lawyer should then be able to realistically assess your goals and tell you what you can expect from the court as you pursue them.

Developing The Right Strategy For Your Child Custody Case

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Your lawyer should inspire confidence in you to seek a fair, appropriate child custody arrangement. To do this, your lawyer will develop a personalized strategy for your case, which can involve testimonies from outside professionals like a child custody evaluator. Other adults in your child’s life, such as his or her teacher or pediatrician, can also provide valuable testimony about your parenting ability and your relationship with your child. To back up any questions about your financial ability to provide for a child, you may need to provide documentation of your earnings and assets.

In some cases, a child custody strategy can require a parent to prove allegations to be false. If you are facing allegations of domestic violence or substance abuse, your lawyer can help you obtain the necessary evidence to prove your innocence.

Providing Capital Region Parents With Exceptional Advocacy In Child Custody Battles Since 2005

Our firm’s mission is simple, to provide quality, client-centered, legal representation in child custody, divorce and family law cases. In order to do so, we:

  • Help our clients define their personal needs and goals for the litigation
  • Set forth an appropriate legal strategy to achieve those goals
  • Maintain open and ongoing communication with our clients
  • Work as a team to achieve a successful outcome

When fighting for custody of your child(ren), it is crucial that you have an advocate you can trust on your side. Fortunately, that is exactly what you will find when you turn to The Colwell Law Group, LLC. Call us now 518-462-4242 or click here to schedule a confidential consultation and get started on the future you and your child(ren) deserve.

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