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Divorce is a very traumatic event for most people. It touches on their finances, their relationship with their children, their retirement accounts, their future security.I come from a very family-centered environment. I grew where the family was the core of all of our social interaction and I think it’s very important to be there for people to provide them hope that they can in the future maintain that relationship with their children.

I got into divorce and child custody because I saw how substantial an impact these types of family law cases make on people’s lives.

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My wife had requested a divorce and it was unexpected. I felt hopeless and lost. I was hurt. I was angry, so I sought counsel. I learned of Kevin and Mary through a colleague, and the whole time when I was feeling hopeless and helpless and lost, they were like a beacon of light. They would take care of my mental and emotional needs, not just the legal stuff, but caring about me as a person.

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My children are everything to me. Everything I do is revolved around them, so I went with Colwell Law Group because they’re really friendly, they’re very welcoming, very down to earth and just straightforward.

Our clients benefit from having a married couple represent them because we are constantly collaborating. We also are parents, we understand and get what your concerns are.

I know you’re going through a very emotional and difficult time right now. We will ensure that we protect your relationships with your children, your finances, your future security, and hope for better days ahead.

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Going through a divorce is never easy. We can help make sure the effort is worth it by helping you secure an outcome that preserves your future security.

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There are many different ways that child custody can become a serious issue. We have experience resolving the most challenging child custody disputes.

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Family Law encompasses a wide range of different types of situations. Our experience allows us to serve all of our clients’ needs.

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Mary was sensitive and helpful in guiding me through a mediated separation and subsequent divorce...


I retained Kevin Colwell during what was for me, the worst period of my life to date...


When I first became separated, I hired a pitbull attorney so I could get back at my ex, who had wronged me...


Attorney Kevin Colwell (Kevin) and his firm helped my wife and I sell our house. It had been 9 years since I had sold a house so I needed to be guided through the entire process from the contract through to sale.


Mary Colwell was recommended through a friend who had recently just gone through a divorce...


A divorce is not a great process for anyone. This was the most difficult time for me to go through...


I have hired Mary for multiple purposes in the past few years for everything from family law issues to traffic violations...


Mary drafted a prenuptial agreement for my husband and me that was fair and agreeable to both of us...


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At Colwell Law Group, LLC, our firm has the decades of combined legal experience necessary to be able to solve the most difficult family law matters for our clients. Divorce, child custody determinations and other types of family law situations can reshape your life. It can feel like you have no control. We can help you fight for outcomes that will let you define the future as you want it to be defined. We help our clients see the future they want and then we go to work by helping them lay the foundation for that future.

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Everyone’s situations are unique. What works for one person, may not work for another. This is why we offer highly responsive, tailored family law representation to our clients. Our goal is to not just resolve the issue at hand, but to leave you as well-situated as possible for the future you want for yourself. We will get to know you and how you would like to approach resolving your case. We can pursue amicable resolutions or take an aggressive approach and be highly effective in either style.

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