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“Kevin Colwell Actually Does Care”

“When I first became separated, I hired a pit bull attorney so I could get back at my ex, who had wronged me. Unfortunately, the pit bull was a pit bull alright, only to me and not my ex. My first attorney did nothing more than receive and forward me countless letters from opposing counsel, racking up thousands of dollars and never actually doing any meaningful work on my case. 9 months, $9,000 dollars later and nowhere closer to divorce, I fired my ex-attorney and hired Kevin Colwell. It was a very good decision. Kevin and his firm provided me with professional services at a reasonable price. Kevin did not forward me every letter as my previous, unscrupulous attorney had, but rather, only contacted me when there was something important. Kevin could have made himself thousands of dollars more by simply forwarding me the letters from opposing counsel, which were intended to break me mentally and financially. Instead, Kevin recognized this and saved me money. Not every attorney would do that.

At trial, opposing counsel came off as a bully as he badgered me and peppered me with intentionally intimidating questions. Kevin’s approach to questioning my ex was to do so with respect and professionalism. I believe this approach worked better with the judge and helped me with my decision. I didn’t get everything I wanted and you probably won’t either. But that’s not Kevin’s fault. Rulings are based on law and individual judges who follow statute and I am pleased to have taken the approach I did with Kevin.

If you are angry at your ex and are seeking a divorce attorney and you want to go to war, just plan on your war costing you thousands of dollars and taking far longer than is necessary to complete this unfortunate process. The money you are going to spend exacting a toll on your ex is going to cost you far more from your own retirement and children’s college funds if you choose an attorney who will be more than happy to cash every check you write as you try to get back at your ex.

If, on the other hand you’d like to try to get through this process with some dignity, with your head held high and with some money left in your pocket, Kevin Colwell is the attorney I’d recommend.

Going through my divorce, I learned why attorneys get a bad rap. Having hired one and been opposed by one, there’s a lot of sketchy, selfish attorney’s out there who will claim to have yours and your children’s best interest at heart to lure you into hiring them and then padding their wallets with your money as they drag out the process unnecessarily for months letting you linger financially and emotionally. Kevin Colwell actually does care and it gives me hope to know that not all stereotypes are correct and there really are good people in this profession.

I hope this helps. Good luck with your decision. Oh, and you may not be able to see it now, but life gets much, much better when you find the one you’re actually supposed to be with. Hang in there. You’ll see.”


“A Voice of Reason and Honesty”

“I retained Kevin Colwell during what was for me, the worst period of my life to date. We started on what should have been a simple custody petition that instead turned into a chaotic mess. Kevin and his staff were able to adjust to the ever changing challenges we faced with superb competency and effectiveness. Kevin and his staff guided me through some dangerous and complicated legal waters, and saw to it that I came out a whole person. Today my children enjoy equal time with both of their parents, and I owe so much of that to Kevin’s advice and direction. Kevin and his staff will be a voice of reason and honesty for you when you are faced with anything and everything but reason and honesty. I highly recommend Kevin Colwell.”


“I Highly Recommend Kevin Colwell”

“Attorney Kevin Colwell (Kevin) and his firm helped my wife and I sell our house. It had been 9 years since I had sold a house so I needed to be guided through the entire process from the contract through to sale. A couple of snags arose during the deal where Kevin had to give us advice on how to respond, for example to buyer’s discovery of deficiencies in the structure. His advice proved to be right on target, keeping the buyers from dropping the deal. We exchanged many emails, with his responses to my questions or concerns coming promptly and with clear answers or explanations. His replies reduced the worries that I had while waiting to get a closing on the sale. We also spoke by phone after going through an administrative assistant in his office. Never was a request for information left unanswered. My wife and I couldn’t be in town for the closing, but we were very confident that with Kevin and his team there everything would go smoothly. It was the perfect ending for something like this, we didn’t have to be there and we were notified after the closing that it was all done without any last minute changes by the buyers. I highly recommend Kevin Colwell.”

-A Real Estate Client

“Efficient, Sympathetic and Realistic”

“Mary Colwell was recommended through a friend who had recently just gone through a divorce. When we met for our first consultation, I was amazed how efficient, sympathetic and realistic she was dealing with my initial situation and separation. From there she efficiently guided me through the divorce procedure, I just received my final papers recently, and on reflection, realized that my divorce process, though difficult, was handled extremely professionally and with care.”


“Mary Was Amazing”

“A divorce is not a great process for anyone. This was the most difficult time for me to go through. I had many issues to go through and needed much help. Mary was amazing she held it together for me. She had everything under control and guided me through every challenge we came across. I was very impressed how she handled my case, she was very knowledgeable, professional and under control at all times, which I have much respect for. During my case I have not received much corporation from my ex, we couldn’t come to any terms in regards to our assets, our child and the debt. We end up in court in front of the judge to decide. This is the time when you need the best lawyer on your side to represent your case and get as much as you can. Since I was the bread winner and worked for everything we had, I was very nervous of loosing what I worked for. Well that wasn’t the case I was going to settle to terms I was comfortable with and at the end I received more than what I hoped for. Mary was amazing. I definitely would recommend Mary Thank you Mary for everything you have done.”

-A Divorce Client

“I Feel Like I am the Most Important Client”

“I have hired Mary for multiple purposes in the past few years for everything from family law issues to traffic violations. Every time I feel like I am the most important client, even if it’s just a traffic ticket. The level of professionalism Mary exhibits over the phone, by mail, in the office and the courtroom is exemplary and leads me back to her for all me legal needs.”

-A. Roberts

“We Felt Heard and Well-Represented”

“Mary drafted a prenuptial agreement for my husband and me that was fair and agreeable to both of us. My husband waived his right to legal counsel, so Mary, my attorney, was in a position to cater solely to my interests while disregarding his. Rather than adopting a rabid dog attitude, she navigated this difficult territory in the spirit that my husband and I intended; she worked creatively with both of us to ensure that our document fit our needs. Not only did she treat us with professional courtesy, respect and a genuine concern for our particular situation, she was able to handle this matter quickly and thoroughly. We felt heard and well-represented. Should I need a lawyer in the future I would absolutely call her first.”


“Personable and Highly Professional”

“Mary was sensitive and helpful in guiding me through a mediated separation and subsequent divorce. She kept me informed throughout the process and attended to the details well, without running up her billable hours unnecessarily. She brought issues to mind that I would not have anticipated before the mediation process so that I was prepared for them. Although I came armed with a list of questions and issues, she dealt with them all before I even needed to ask. Both personable and highly professional, it was a pleasure working with her and she helped make the difficult and unpleasant process of separation and divorce a little easier and less unpleasant.”